The GreenField Approach

The GreenField Approach is a new management approach designed to enable organisations to capture the value inherent in a deeper understanding of external market dynamics and use it to drive organisation performance.

By bringing a new set of intelligence, tools and management thinking, the GreenField Approach will equip organisations to prosper in the challenging conditions that characterise the new business reality.

We believe that obsessing about how to manage and cut costs is myopic. Instead we obsess about how to generate more value, margin, revenue, and profit. Re-understanding what influences these measures holds the key to increasing future Enterprise Value or Social ROI.

We believe that future progress depends on being free from historical assumptions and dangerous legacy constraints. Once unhelpful and limiting constraints start to be dismantled it becomes far easier to reveal the new opportunities that have the potential to transform any organisation’s performance.

We believe that many of the tools, techniques, models and theories that have driven management thinking and business activity for the past forty years are not only outdated but irrelevant and even dangerous in today’s business environment. The GreenField approach places equal emphasis on learning new skills and unlearning what no longer works.

We believe that change and adaptability is not an ‘exercise’ or a ‘project’ but part of the normal, day-to-day workings of any organisation that wishes to remain relevant in a changing world.

How does it work? There are no tricks, no magic, and no style over substance. At its heart is a missing lens – a lens that opens the key to the door and to future prosperity and success. Without it the organisation will remain locked-out of its potential and locked-into ‘business as usual’.